With over 400 million cats on this planet, we strive for each to live their best life.
Our inspiration comes from mother nature and love.
Our commitment is to excellence and innovation.
Our strategy rests upon technology and science.

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Our Brand Story

"Since we were unable to find a suitable cat litter box on the market, we took it upon ourselves to create one." In 2015, we lauched our first product, the Igloo Cat Litter Box.

In 2018, we invented Tofu Blend Cat Litter that promotes cat health while providing a positive user experience. This innovative litter offers superior clumping performance and is made from safe and natural ingredients.

Most notably acknowledged as the pioneer in organic cat litter, we pride ourselves on innovation, customer experience and pet health. Globally recognized for its Organic Signature Blend Tofu-Bentonite Cat Litter that sells over twelve million packs per year, we impart the same passion and impetus into each product the company develops. Specializing in products tailor-made for cats, each design we manufacture is thoroughly devoted to the principle of putting cats first. From cleaning, to travel, play time and regular maintenance, the creations of the award winning design team at pidan satisfies all of the exigencies that arise in day-to-day pet care. Utilizing a blend of the most contemporary technology, functional artistry and pure love, we look to inspire harmony between pet owners and their pets.

pidan Cares

As part of pidan's pidan Cares charity movement, we pledge to donate $0.022 from each product's sale to our affiliated charities. We are excited to provide monetary support and supplies to the #PidanCares rescue shelters and charitable organizations who share our passion in providing medical care and housing to abandoned cats around the world. Since beginning our pidancares intitatives, pidan has donated over $87K to 114 affiliated rescue agencies. For more information regarding Pidan's charitable affiliates and to learn more about their actions, please refer to the open public welfare list.

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