• Igloo Cat Litter Box
  • Igloo Cat Litter Box
  • Igloo Cat Litter Box
  • Igloo Cat Litter Box
  • Igloo Cat Litter Box

Igloo Cat Litter Box

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Winner of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award 
The prestigious Red Dot Award is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most significant accomplishments in the field of product design.

The Tranquility of The Arctic 
Inspired by the placid calm of the arctic, the Igloo design lends a peaceful balance to any home decor.

Calming interior Lighting
Semi-enclosed structure provides privacy and security for cats, while trapping unwanted odors inside. 

Litter Guard for mess free entrance and exit
The entrance corridor is carefully designed with a leak-grid to prevent litter leakage. 

Innovative design provides extra space for added comfort
The carefully designed interior of the Igloo allows for comfort and easy mobility by providing more space for inside movement. 

The rounded basin enables perfect cleanup 
The unique circular basin of the Igloo holds approximately 1.5” to 2” of cat litter and makes shoveling convenient. 

Material Details
Made from PP Resin (safe and odorless)
Ishizuka glass made in Japan (used for antibacterial technology). 

Product Specifics
-See back of package for additional details.
-Product weight varies according to samples and environmental factors. Product’s weight is for reference purposes only.
-The appearance of the product's color and hue may vary depending on the user's display monitor settings and specifications.

-Igloo Cat Litter Box, provides a convenient and comfortable space for relief for cats 15 lbs and under.
-Prior to purchasing, please adhere to the product’s size as it relates to your pet’s size.
-In effort to aid your cat’s acclimation to the product, it is recommended to slightly increase the amount of cat litter slightly above that which is routinely recommended for the initial use.

21.57"L x 21.57"W x 19.37"H

PP Resin


7.82 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
MM, Boulder CO
Gorgeous and functional design, interior a bit tight

Me and kitty very happy with this litter box, overall. My only complaint is the lattice shelf is way bigger than it needs to be--it takes up nearly a third of the interior space, making it somewhat challenging for kitty to maneuver or turnaround while inside the box, or have enough space to scratch and cover up her deposits. If that shelf was half it's current size, this would be the perfect litter box in every way. 5 stars for humans, 4 stars for cats because of this small design flaw.

Kleoniki Deligiorgi

I really love how this litter box looks. My kitten loves it too! I actually feel good cleaning this box because of how nice it looks :)


A great litter box, for a single cat

Stylish, easy to clean, perfect for small spaces.

It’s very easy to clean and great for small spaces. We have it in the corner of our relatively small room and it doesn’t take up too much space. What I love most about it is that you don’t ever see the litter since the entry way is curved. The opening is wide enough of to allow our 17.5 lbs cat to get in and out with any issues.

Best litter box Ive ever had for my cats

This litter box is fantastic, don’t waste your money on anything else