A Revolutionary Cat Litter that uses Organically Sourced Natural Bean Dregs

Revolutionary Cat Litter

  • Rapid Extreme Absorbtion, Remarkable Odor Control

  • Rapid Clumping, Ultra-low Tracking

  • Anti-dust Forumla

Development of Tofu Cat Litter Materials

  • Selected Canadian Peas

  • Natural Bean Dregs Made
    with a Drying Process

  • Tofu litter made from
    all food-grade raw materials

Pidan's Signature Innovative Production Process

  • Carefully Balanced Mixture of Raw Materials

  • Raw Materials are particulated at 80°C

  • Zero Contamination Vacuum Packaging

Cat-Approved Subscription

  • Dive into the pidan experience, no more monthly to-do lists

  • Get up to 25% OFF monthly

  • Skip and cancel at anytime, you're always in control!