Expandable Travel Habitat Carrier

*This perk ships to the US, UK, EU, and CA. An extra shipping fee may apply based on where you are located.

Wearable 2-in-1 Carrier

A stylish multifunction carrier that conveniently opens up into a full size habitat.

Winner of the 2022 Good Design Award

A product design award in Japan that publicly evaluates the overall design quality and has important international influence

Simply expand to turn the carrier into a home

Maximize pets comfort by doubling the interior of the carrier. Perfectly suitable for outdoor adventures and long distance travel.

Fully expanded volume measures 15” x 15” x 23.2”

Quick & Easy Assembly

Designed for efficiency, the carrier can be instantly converted into a habitat anywhere on the go.

Includes a portable litter box

The expandable habitat includes a portable litter box to accommodate pet’s needs during long journeys.

Travel window allows pets to better experience the journey

The travel window enhances a pet's comfort and satisfies their curiosity during travel.

Breathable mesh walls enhance air circulation

The thoughtful utilization of mesh cloth in the carrier’s design provides excellent air circulation.

Adjustable curtains provide privacy and security during travel

Retractable curtains allow pets to experience privacy or interaction depending on their mood.

Maintain sanitary conditions easily

A dustproof cloth is conveniently located in a lower compartment of the carrier for easy access when traveling.

Multiple Entries

When fully expanded, the carrier has multiple entrance points which the pet can access.

Designed for Storage

Conveniently store pets snacks and toys within the carrier, simplifying travel and enhancing your pet’s experience.

Top Quality Fasteners

The carrier uses YKK zippers and magnetic connectors to secure curtains.