• Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter
  • Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter
  • Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter
  • Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter
  • Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter

Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter

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🌫️ Anti-dust Forumla
🧹 Ultra low-tracking
🚀 Fast Clumping
🧽 Rapid Extreme Absorption
👃 Remarkable Odor Control
🚽 Flushable
🌿 Organic & Healthy
💰 Lasts longer than traditional clay litter, more cost-effective

🐱Based on our experience, one cat typically uses around 2 bags of our cat litter per month. However, please note that this is subject to change depending on factors such as the size and number of litter boxes, the number of cats you have, your cat's habits, and other environmental factors. We take pride in the quality of our product and are committed to providing you and your cat with a superior litter experience.

Cats and kittens

5.29 lb

24 months

Organic Pea Bean Dregs, Starch, Guar Gum, Bentonite

70% Organic Tofu Mix, 30% Bentonite with STA Particles

Please be aware that all cat litter undergoes thorough inspection before shipment. However, due to the vacuum packaging used during transportation, there may be instances of air leaks caused by collisions. We want to assure you that it should not affect the quality or usability of the cat litter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Ashley Mccready
I love it, the cats use it!

I like this product a lot. It really helps my allergies as other litters are very dusty. I like cleaning up little tofu logs that jump out on kitty feet much more than clumpy lumpy stuff on the floor. I also think my home smells neutral! It controls the odor of 3 felines in a one bedroom apartment. No piss smell! No smell when scooping boxes later on either. Traps it and all the moisture! Yay, Japan! Thank you for this great product.


Signature Tofu Blend Cat Litter

Tara Sether
Great Stuff

Highly recommend. Not more dust.

Love it!

I live in a small apartment so the litter is in my bedroom, and genuinely works at keeping the smell down (I have one cat). The dust is also much lower, and tracks significantly less.

Best cat litter

My cat likes this litter as in she doesn’t refuse to use the litter box. No accidents since started using it. Great absorption and odor control. My mom now uses it for her cats. 10/10