pidan Tofu Cat Litter

by pidan

Meow everyone! My name is Milo and I hope you enjoy today’s “Milo Review”. Today I want to introduce to you my new favorite cat-litter!

For those who don’t know me, I am a very clean cat that is always busy grooming and making sure I look perfect. The grooming sometimes gets tiring because of all the dust that gets on my shiny fur after I go to the bathroom. It does not help also that my mom gets extra work having to clean the litter dust I drag with me outside of the litter box. In an effort to find a better litter for me and my brothers, she came across “pidan Tofu Cat Litter”. 

When I first heard “pidan” I got excited and then when I heard “Tofu” my excitement went down a little bit because I thought mommy was getting us veggies to eat.. Silly me, little did I know that it was a cat litter made out of tofu!

You may wonder now how this works? Well, after I did some research, I was able to learn the amazing information I have put together for you below. So make sure you read it!

What is pidan Tofu Cat Litter?

Since I really like this new litter and I like you as well, I will tell you more about what makes it special.

So, when Tofu is made, there is something called soy pulp that usually ends up in the landfill. Instead of it going to waste, soy pulp can be used to produce a long lasting, easy to clean, and odor-absorbing cat litter.

Now that you know what tofu has to do with litter, let me tell you more about pidan’s Tofu Cat Litter.

This litter comes in cylinder-shaped grains that are very light and very soft for my paws. The good thing about pidan Tofu Cat Litter is that it has such a nice smell!! When mommy opened the vacuum-sealed bag I was expecting to inhale some dust like I usually do but to my surprise it smelled like vanilla!! This means mommy doesn’t have to get an extra scent spray to make sure my litter box always smells fresh.

pidan’s Tofu Cat Litter is healthy and safe option for your furry friends. It does not contain any harmful toxins or synthetic materials. It most importantly does not cause any respiratory issues for humans and cats.

Since the pellets are larger than most litters, it doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws as much. As a result, it will stick a lot less in your cute paws and you will notice that you will not find pieces of litter around your home.

This litter allows for a very high absorbance of liquid so it doesn’t produce any ordors so your litter box can smell fresh for longer.

This cat litter solution is eco-friendly as it uses the soybean byproducts that otherwise would have ended up in landfills. Moreover, pidan’s Tofu Cat Litter allows you to dump the picked up dirty litter and dump it directly in the toilet and flush it as opposed to conventional clumping litters that are designed to swell when exposed to water and then end up taking more space in landfills because most cat owners dump their cat litter into the garbage.

How To Transition Your Cat to Tofu Cat Litter in 2 Steps

Step 1: Only add a little bit of the pidan’s Tofu Cat Litter to your cat’s litter box. DO NOT CHANGE THE LITTER BOX. It’s important that your cat slowly gets familiar with the new litter.

Step 2: Over time, slowly add more of the Tofu Litter and stop adding your old litter. Initially, aim for 1/4 pidan’s Tofu Cat Litter and 3/4 or the old litter. As you go, increase the ratio of the Tofu Litter until you reach 100% Tofu Litter.


This is the best litter I have tried so far. Very eco-friendly and a healthier and safer choice for your and your cat.

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